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NSU is one of the few HBCU with an astronomical observatory and a minor in astronomy. The Department of Physics at NSU offers a minor in astronomy that complements the B.S in Physics (but it is also open to other science students).  Field work is done with the RRRT and several introductory and advanced courses are offered on campus. The Department also offers courses and workshops for middle and high school teachers. Several small telescopes and other auxiliary equipment allows astronomical observation on campus. The campus Planetarium complements our astronomical curriculum for many courses offering a description of the night sky and full-dome shows and presentations on current  topics of modern astronomy.
Astronomy Education at NSU

Undergraduate classes are offered during the academic year (fall and spring) according to the number of people interested in attending. Several courses are related to the Minor in Astronomy. Courses for teachers or workshops had been  offered during many summers.

General Astronomy AST 201

Method in Observational Astro0nomy AST 301

Astrobiology AST 302

Introduction to Astrophysics AST 303

Stellar Astronomy AST 401

Life in the Universe SCI 100

Fundamentals of Astronmy (teachers)

Observational Astronomy (teachers)